WRDSB Communication Survey

ONLINE Survey for parents to better understand our parent/guardian preferences for receiving information.  This survey can be accessed through a link called “WRDSB Communication Survey” found at www.wrdsb.on.ca or through the link on  our own school website between May 15-June 5, 2014.

Safe, Caring & Inclusive Schools Parent/Guardian Survey

The SCIS survey for parents/guardians can be accessed  at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SCIS_ParentGuardian or click on the “?” link to the right of this post “Take Our Survey”   Responses to the surveys are anonymous and confidential.  All surveys will be available from May 1-May 31, 2014.  Please take 15 minutes to complete and help us at Mackenzie King […]

Character assembly May 2nd

Our character assembly on Friday allowed students to share and celebrate co-operation and talent at it’s best. The kodaly choir sang; room 9 read their self-created narrative with amazing storyline, rich word choice and descriptive illustrations, our kindergarten students sang “let it go” accompanied by grade six student, Janelle and thanks to technology provided over […]

Mr Hori’s lesson on volume and capacity.

Hmmmm. Don’t you wish you learned about volume and measurement in this way. Bet you would never forget.

Kodaly choir

What a beautiful evening for our Mackenzie King students and families. A night to remember.

Co-operation at its best in phys ed class.

At Mackenzie King we learn and breathe our character goals all the time in all subjects. What a way to practice cooperation.  And then throw in a fire drill ……. And watch creative problem solving in action.  Our grade 1/2 students did it all with fun, calmness and success. Learning is so much fun. Especially […]

Guided reading in kindergarten

These students are using strategies to solve words and cross check their decisions. Does the first letter  of the word match what I am saying. If not, I need to try again with another reasonable “guess”. An informed guess it is. This is what the pictures tell me. This is what I think it could […]

JK or new to SK Parent Info Night – Change of Date

Due to construction and facility restrictions, our Kindergarten Information Night  for parents and students who are new to kindergarten in September 2014, is now being held on TUESDAY MAY 20, 2014  6:30-7:30p.m.  Parents and children together will discover what full day kindergarten is all about and help prepare you both for your great start to school […]

Parking Spots

If you are visiting Mackenzie King or have a meeting at the school, parking is available on the lot on Natchez Street across from the Howl at the Moon restaurant.

Math Night for Parents- April 23rd

Come and learn math like your Kids on Wednesday April 23rd, 6:30-8:00 in the Mackenzie King library.  Have you ever wondered how your children are learning math today?  What is all this talk about problem solving and learning math through problem solving?  You will participate in a hands-on math learning experience at the grade level of […]

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