Our School

Mackenzie King Public School is located in the east section of Kitchener just off Victoria Street (Highway 7) at 51 Natchez Road. The school was built on the site of the Culp farm. In September of 1925 when the school opened, 48 pupils and one teacher were in attendance! There were two names submitted for the name of the school, Wayside and Mackenzie King, the latter being chosen. Additions to the school occurred in 1954, 1963 and 1970 when the gym, offices, staff room and library were added.

Mackenzie King serves the Stanley Park area with the boundaries being Lorraine Avenue, River Road, Victoria Street and east of Lackner Boulevard. To accommodate the expanding boundary east of Lackner Blvd in September 2014,  and the beginning  of Full Day Kindergarten, Mackenzie King received a new school addition and some renovations to the existing school. Our school motto is “A GREAT PLACE TO BE!”  At Mackenzie King our goal is to create and sustain a learning environment that is safe, respectful and inclusive of all. Our community partners, parents, staff, students, and team members work collaboratively together  to promote  growth, development and pursuit of excellence for all.

Our Students

Mackenzie King currently has 240  students in grades JK-6. Students attend Stanley Park Senior Public School and eventually, Grand River Collegiate Institute. Students returning to Mackenzie King after graduation often reflect on the friendliness and family orientation  of their former school. Our students learn each year the importance of becoming citizens with character as well as citizens who maximize their academic potential and work ethic.

Our Staff

The staff at Mackenzie King is a hardworking group of professionals who bring a wealth of experience to their jobs. They offer quality programs and are eager to offer assistance and extracurricular opportunities for our students. At Mackenzie King, we have 5 kindergarten teachers including 3 Early Childhood Educators, 4  primary teachers, 4 junior teachers, a French teacher Music teacher, 2 special education teachers,  7 educational assistants who work in FDK, extended day program, developmentally challenged classroom and home school support, 1 library clerk, 1 secretary, 2 custodians and 1 principal.

Our School Community

The Mackenzie King School Council is a dedicated group of individuals who meet on the second Wednesday of every month from September to June. The council has played a major role in school initiatives such as the creative playground, the Mackenzie Kingdom, the Mac Home Reading program, and the acquistion of technology including document cameras, data projectors and smartboards. At Mackenzie King, we value our volunteers who are very supportive of staff and have an excellent working relationship that benefits our students.