It is a privilege for me to call Mackenzie King “home” since becoming principal in June 2012.  The parent community and staff  are all so committed to the well-being of children and to helping all students achieve to their potential.  Our School Council has been extremely supportive in assisting  us to enhance student well being, achievement and learning through their thoughtful and strategic human and financial contributions to activities and resources.  In the past, they have  acquired several pieces of  current technology for our classrooms, including document cameras, data projectors, chromebooks, i-pads and smart boards.  Such tools help to enhance student engagement  and give teachers and students an increased access to current resources and information.  In addition, Council hosts many curricular and extra-curricular for our student community.  Teachers take their responsibilities as educators to heart and strive to challenge students to develop to be the very best that they can be socially, personally and academically.

The students at Mackenzie King are AWESOME!  Before coming to the school I was told that, “Mackenzie King is a great place to be,” and these words could not be truer.  My personal philosophy in education can be summed up in 3 words—respect, safety and learning.  School is a blended balance of  all three and the students at Mackenzie King are definitely living examples of this triad—they are learners who act safely and respectfully.  Our school’s character development program centres around these three traits as we strive to intentionally teach, model, reinforce, celebrate and act in ways that are safe and respectful.  When these things are in place, students have the freedom and confidence to learn, to discover, to explore, to take risks, and to mature as model citizens.